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Welcome to My SFI Affiliate Center


If you are reading this than you are probably searching for an additional income stream, like most of us are and let me tell you: "STOP searching you found it!"

Honestly speaking, after trying several online network marketing sites and buying products, like online coaching, eBooks, and so on? 

 ... SFI is by far the best and great online business platform ...

Well managed and a good business vehicle with everything laid out step by step in the  To-Do List and the LaunchPad 30 training series(free training course ? $295 value ). With profound training articles, ready to train new SFI Affiliates to drive this vehicle to earn an extra income.

Of course, it takes a period of time to grow the business and income with effort and commitment to build  your affiliate team network. As your affiliate team network grows, your income grows.

You will not get rich overnight as SFI is not a ?get rich quick scheme? program that is here today and gone tomorrow. SFI has been in business for 26 years and 13 years online. This is an independent business, working in partnership with SFI under their affiliate program. You have to be self-driven and self-discipline to work hard towards reaching your goals in your SFI business. Stay focus and be committed? you?ll reap the rewards and be successful in due time!

I signed up in February 2012. Achieved my EA(Executive Affiliate) rank status within my first month in SFI. I?m glad to receive my first earning for February 2012. This include Direct Commissions from the purchases of my PSA(personally sponsored affiliate), Co-sponsor Commissions(purchases made by CSA ? co-sponsor affiliate) and the rest of the earnings from company-wide Triple Clicks Executive Pool bonus shares.

SFI is the only one program that I have actually receive a commission payment in my first month. It wasn't much but it was enough to pay the bills.

PERSONAL NOTE: If you don't do a little bit of work every day, you don't see the money. And most individuals are just looking for a program that will do every thing for them, well I have to put you to solid ground THERE IS NO SUCH PROGRAM, if there is it's a scam. Believe me I've tried it! If you want to see your commissions rise each month, you need to work on it. Other wise it's just a waste of your time and also my time, since I will be your sponsor at SFI.

This affiliate network is totally FREE to join, go to the link bellow and see for yourself.