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Newsletter - February 26

Posted on February 26, 2014 at 6:10 PM

TrafficExchange & how to benefit from them?


You'veprobably heard of them in one point of your online business voyage. Most individuals don't like TE sites because they take up too much of their time and they never see results. To be successful you need to generate enough high valuable traffic to your links or website and TE sites can help you with this. Before you start to deal with TE sites you need to understand what they are and how they operate.

Traffic Exchange is a service you join for free to generate traffic to your website.You view other member websites in exchange for having your own viewed. Every time you view a page for a certain period of time (from 10 to 30 seconds) you get credited. When you gather enough credits you can assign them to your links, so people can start viewing your sites.

There are two types of TEs – manual exchanges and auto exchanges. In manual exchanges you are required to view the pages and click on a link to proceed to the next webpage. An auto exchange can be left running in you web browser. I suggest that you choose a manual exchange sites because this way you can be certain people are actually looking at your sites and not just gathering credits for themselves.


Online marketers often overlook the benefits of TE sites, which are:

  1. Theyare free to use
  2. Instant increase in traffic
  3. A great way to test your new ads or banners
  4. You can easily build a downline by referring others – earn extra credits
  5. It’s great for lead building


What you need to consider before you choose a TE site:

  • Credit ratio; look for those TEs that provide a good return on the number of credits you receive for each page you view (1:1 is best, also 2:1)
  • Time limits: most exchanges make you look at the site for a certain period of time before you can click on the link to get to another page; the amount is between 10 and 30 seconds.
  • Anti cheat mechanisms: most of TE sites use this mechanism, it means that a real person is viewing your page. In order to get credited when the time runs out,you need to click on a specific graphic such as number, image, letter and so on. If your click isn’t correct your account can get suspended or terminated.
  • Referrals: look for TE sites that have a referral program, where you can build your team and also earn credits.
  • Bonuses: many traffic exchanges will offer you bonus credits for surfing a certain number of sites per day (like easy hits 4 u).


In order to benefit from TE sites here are some tips for you:

1.  Track your work: everything you do online needs to be monitored as well as your work at TE sites. At SFI we have a great tracking program which you can use. Your SFI links can be monitored as well, simply add a specific code at the end of your SFI ID. You can read more about key code tracking at" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> You can also use for tracking your links and shorten them at the same time, since they run a tracking history you can see how many clicks you got and from where. This way you’ll know which ads are giving you results and which not.

2. YourPublic: you need to remember that TE site users are mostly people like you, trying to promote their programs and products and most of them don’t even look at the sites but just click to get credits. But there are some who will watch your site and even sign in or buy your product. You need to develop creative, eye-catching pages to intrigue the viewers and take action.

3. Quick Loading pages: you have a short time to get your viewers attention, this means you need your pages to load quickly.

4. Use splash pages: rather than linking your affiliate links directly, it’s best to use small and simple splash pages where you gather viewers. A splash page doesn’t require any scrolling; all your information is on one page window sized. The splash pages need to be short, sweet and to the point. It should consist of a headline, list of benefits and a definite call to action.

5. Great call to action: before you post your splash pages make sure your call to action is clear. It needs to state what the viewer needs to do next. Your call to action also needs to be obvious and visible.

6. Get their email: viewers on TE sites almost never sign in to an affiliate program on the first ball. This is why you should try to get their email through your splash page and then through various emails send them your offer. If you want to capture their email you need to offer a good insensitive, such as eCourses, special reports, video tutorials, eBook series…

7. Observe: while you surf observe the pages that catch your attention. Take notes of what they consist of, what was the action that caught your eye. If they are getting your attention, they are getting also attention from others and this is what you’re aiming for. To be noticed. You need to design your splash pages similarly.

8. Test your pages: if you have a good tracking system you’ll be able to run tests to find which splash pages are generating sign ups. Play with different headlines,graphics and offers to see which ones get the best response.

To conclude you can drive quality traffic from TE sites if you know what to do and what not to do. TE sites are great places to test your ads, banners, splash pages if you’re designing them yourself and this way get better in designing your marketing aids. Online marketing is hard as it is, but if you have the tips and tricks to go around it, it can become fun and easy.


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