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Newsletter - February 14

Posted on February 16, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Howto qualify as a Team Leader EACH month?


Asan affiliate at SFI you need to maintain your ranks. SFI has two differenttypes of ranks. The first types are the labels AFF and EA, which are simpleranks with little benefits. The second types are TEAM LEADERS, they are BTL orhigher and they offer grater benefits and higher incomes.



A title awarded to an affiliate who has accumulated at least 3,000 Versa Points for the month (1,500 minimum/2,000 maximum Versa Points must come from sales and/or purchases to qualify for Team Leader status). A Team Leader must also maintain his/her Leadership Page and a minimum 3-star sponsor rating (not applicable if  TLs have less than 5 ratings) from PSAs. Meeting the qualifications means you'll hold the title for the month you qualify, as well as the month following it (you'll need to requalify by end of the current month to retain the title).

There are four VIP Team Leader titles: Bronze Team Leader, Silver Team Leader, Gold Team Leader, and Platinum Team Leader.


The benefits are:

            As a BTL

  • Everything that applies for EA's
  • Versa points matching up to 6 level's + CSA's
  • Get 12 TCredits
  • 1share of Monthly allotment of Second Home CSAs
  • Express Affiliate Support (expediated support/response)
  • Can create your own SFI-approved ads and promotions (STLs and above only)


            As a STL

  • Everything that applies for BTL's
  • Versa points matching up to 8 level's + CSA's
  • Get 14 TCredits
  • 2 shares of Monthly allotment of Second Home CSAs


            As a GTL

  • Everything that applies for STL's
  • Versa points matching up to 10 level's + CSA's
  • Get 16 TCredits
  • 3 shares of Monthly allotment of Second Home CSA's


            As a PTL

  • Everything that applies for GTL's
  • Versa points matching up to 12 level's + CSA's
  • Get 20 TCredits
  • 4 shares of Monthly allotment of Second Home CSA's

So how can you maintain your Team Leader qualification, if you have a thight budget?

In order to achieve TL you need to be at least BTL, this means you need to accumulate at least 3000 VP's. You need to get at least 2000 VP's from sales or purchases at Triple Clicks and another 1000 VP's from actions.

You can start by setting up an SO (standing order) you can choose from several products, which you'll be needing each month, such as 125 TCredits (you get 1500 VP's, the price is $36,25 + 125 more VP's when you bid in Auctions), 1 TCredit x 5 (you get 510 VP's, buy them with 630 MRP's – in order to get 630MRP's you'll need to bid at Pricebenders auctions and only on the ones that offer Duble MRP Points 63 times, you'll also earn 63 action VP's).

All the money spent was $36,25.

This way you have 2110 sales VP's all you need is 937 action VP's, because you got 63 VP's already from bidding.

  • For a month with 28 days, this will total 475 VP.
  • For a month with 29 days, this will total 486 VP.
  • For a month with 30 days, this will total 497 VP.
  • For a month with 31 days, this will total 508 VP.

*These actions don't include 100VP's you get from setting up a Standing Order.

For the month with 28 days, you need an additional 462 VP’s, which you can get from setting up an SO (100 VP’s), your active EA’s (at least 3 – 300 VP’s), and biding in Pricebenders (62 times – on double MRP points – get 620 MRP’s and 62 VP’s).

At the end you have 3000 VP’s. You achieved your goal and spend only $36,25.

For a month with 29 days you’ll need to bid at Pricebenders 63 times, for a month with 30 days 64 times, for a month with 31 days 65 times.

Set your VP limit at the beginning of the month and calculate how many VP's you'll gather through sales or purchases, and how many VP's you'll be gathering on actions (not including the VP's you get for sponsoring affiliates).

Stay on track and you'll be a Team Leader each month easily.


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