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Newsletter - February 6

Posted on February 6, 2014 at 11:45 AM


Do FREEBIES help build your business?

Anybody who entered into the business worldhas thought of promoting their business through freebies. Marketing can be hardfor some individuals and posting ads can get boring and tiring. This is whymarketers come up with new ways to attract people to their websites or productsthey’re promoting.

A freebie is a product offered for free inmost cases in exchange of the prospects email address. There are lot’s offreebies offered online just to capture attention of the buyer, it’s also usedoffline in a form of free samples we get at grocery stores.

Before we decide to use freebies as apromotion we need to decide what the goal of the freebie is going to be:

-     Toboost your web traffic

-     Togenerate quality leads

-     Tosign up more newsletter subscribers

-     Toincrease your facebook followers

-     Tobuild trust and interest in your business

When you’ve decided the goal you need tochoose what kind of freebies you’ll be offering. This decision needs to bebased on the type of business you’re doing. Some examples of freebies:

-     Downloadablegoods (eBooks, special reports, press releases, audio, software, mobile apps,…)

-     Brandedproducts ( pens, keychain fobs, coupons,…)

-     Samples(food, beverages, …)

You can offer basically anything as afreebie but you need to be careful it won’t harm your business. If you’reselling downloadable goods like graphic designs (banners, flyers, pictures,websites,…) your freebie should be about them. You can decide to offercustomers a package of banners so they can see the quality of your work.

When you know what your freebie is going tobe test run it for a while, to see what the results will show. If it’s notshowing the results you wanted change the freebie or just add another piece toit.

At the end it’s up to you, in some casesfreebies have made a difference for some businesses but in some they’ve been acomplete waste of time.

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