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Newsletter - Januar 29

Posted on January 29, 2014 at 4:10 PM

Should I buy SFI or get sign ups on my own?

The first month at SFI is all about learning how the program works.Going through the basics and the Launch Pad can be very time consuming and youdon’t have much time left for promoting your affiliate gateways.

The second month should be about promotion and advertising. Theproblem now occurs how are you going to get sign ups and which way is best. Ihave to say I don’t have the perfect answer just how I feel about the subject.

At Triple Clicks you can find several sellers that offer to sell PSA’s to you. You can get from 15 up to 200 PSA’s for a suitable price ofcourse. You can also use the S-builder co-op that SFI offers. This way you’llbe getting lots of PSA’s in a very short time, but the problem which follows is‘’are they active?’’. I have to say 90% of all PSA’s I’ve bought never did a thing;another 5% were active only for two months and then opted out. You might getsome active PSA’s by buying them though, like one or two on 25 sign ups.

When you decide to do it your self you learn the advertisingprocess. Learn the techniques and tricks involved in advertising that youdidn’t know before. Yes it takes longer but the sign ups that come from thiskind of advertising are in my experience more active and last longer.  This is why I always say it’s better if youhave your own website or blog from where you can promote SFI and Triple Clicks.At your blog you can easier explain to your prospects how SFI works and whenthey sign under you they are already serious and start to work immediately.

Choosing between them I have to say that on the long run it’s betterto do it your self. You learn and earn at the same time. While if you buy themyou see results after the second month of who is going to work and who not. Theproblem with bought PSA’s you don’t really know where they came from, I haveonce gotten people which were fake sign ups. Lists of people and fake emails,thus I was basically robbed.


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