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Newsletter - Januar 22

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 3:05 PM

What have you DONE?


Being in business as an online marketer for over 5 years and 2 yearswith SFI I often get the question ‘’How come you’re so successful and I’m not?’’and I ask back ‘’What have you DONE to get successful?’’ The answers I get aremostly excuses and not strong arguments.

Affiliates often complain about their income, or because there isnone or if it is it’s too low. Their actions are mainly posting a few ads inthe beginning of the month and then they wait for results. This kind of work isNOT work at all.

To succeed with SFI you need to look at it as a real business, whichit is. Like with any other business you need to have a marketing plan andconstantly improving it. Use one technique for a month and actually use it notjust say you’re using it and if you’re not seeing results change strategy.

Treat each day as a working day. Just because you’re working fromhome that doesn’t mean you can play hooky. It’s essential that when you’re yourown boss you keep your head in the game and stay focused on the BIG picture.

Gold mining requires digging. If you want to find gold you’ll needto dig a lot before you’ll find any signs of gold. Affiliate marketing is thesame. You need to work hard by posting ads, writing articles, and advertising,and so on to see results. The results will come but it’s going to take time ifyou’re using free advertising but if you do it right you’ll be as successful asif you were using paid advertising or even better, because you’ll be teachingyour affiliates how they can promote successfully without paying a dime.


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