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Newsletter - Januar 9

Posted on January 9, 2014 at 5:15 PM

How to besuccessful on a very tight budget?

Working from homeis a very lucrative business and also a very tricky one. Since we are dealingwith the World Wide Web there are lots of scammers praying on a gullible pray.Before we decide to go this way we need to be prepared mentally and physically.

Mentally because ittakes a lot of planning and preparation end execution of you plans. You need tobe determined and persistent to achieve your goals. We also need to develop aneye for scammers and get to a program that will help achieve our goals.

Physically becausethis line of work is based behind the computer, so we’ll be sitting most of thetime. Our fingers, wrists, arms and necks need to be exercised properly beforewe sit down behind the computer.

It’s not great whenyou’re writing an article and all of a sudden you get a cramp. Than you have toget away from the computer and walk a bit, but when you came back to your work.You have no idea what you’re working on. You’ve lost your string. This are justthe mental and physical preparations you need to do before you start with anonline business.

You also need to dofinancial preparations. How much are you willing to invest in your business? Toparaphrase the question, how much can you afford to invest to stay up float? Itall depends on your incomes and outcomes. Before you start with any kind of businessyou should always make a financial plan. How much can you spent on a monthlybasis for advertising or simply to maintain your status? You don’t have tospend all your “crazy money” on your SFI business. Only $20 per month takes formaintaining EA rank and keeping your benefits.

Once you’vecalculated how much money can you use for SFI your next step will becalculating how many Versa Points you need to gather and how you’re going to dothat. For keeping your EA(2) rank you only need $20 per month, that meansbuying 10 units of 1 TCredit. Through them you’ll get 1020 Versa Points. Thanyou need at least 500 more Versa Points, which you’ll get through yourTO-DO-LIST. But only if you do the list EVERY DAY. I’m not joking, if you areserious you need to log in daily and do the tasks. From the TO-DO-LIST you’llget cca. 475 Versa Points.  You are still10 Versa Points short, so use the 10 TCredits to bid in auctions. You get oneVersa Point for one bid. The final result is you’re an EA. You also get additionalVersa Points if your affiliates are doing the same and maintaining theirstatuses. This way you’ll get the additional Versa Points for the ExecutivePool.

The last thing youalso need to do is a marketing plan. This is somewhat a list of actions to doeach day, but the actions are not necessarily connected to the SFI, notdirectly. The key to success is in advertising and building your downline,selling products at Triple Clicks and getting ECA’s to sign up. You’ll only getthem through advertising, but let’s face it paid advertising is way tooexpensive and not always effective. On the other side free advertising takestoo long, well it only takes too long if you don’t have a system to work from.



Through the abovesystem every day of the week is covered and the goals are set, now you need toactually DO them. This is where it gets tricky – you need to be persistent andcommitted to succeed. When you set a system, work on it for at least a month andif you don’t see results change it a bit and do all of it again. 

You can succeedwith SFI on a tight budget or for that matter any other program online oroffline. You need to set your mindset to realize SFI is a real business andit’s time you start treating it as such. 90% of affiliates fail because theydon’t have the drive to finish what they’ve started or they don’t believe thisis a real business. Those people will NEVER be successful at any kind ofbusiness.


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