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Versa Points Insight

Posted on March 26, 2012 at 6:40 PM

For your information, VersaPoints(VP) that you earn this month do not carry over into the next month. Just to your overall cumulative total. When start of a new month, points are reset for everyone. We all start over at 0 VP, including myself. Everyone have to start earning and accumulate VP for the new month to re-qualify as EA2 with minimum 1500 to 2999 VP.

** EA2 - 2 means from second month onwards re-qualify as an EA.

1500 VP required for EA status can come from any COMBINATION of actions, purchases and sales.

For example, a personal purchase worth 500 VP, plus a customer(your personally referred TripleClicks member) sale worth 500 VP, plus 500 VP via actions in the To-Do List would combine to equal 1500 VP and re-qualify for EA status for the month.

Doing the To-Do List simple actions is one of the way to earn free VP. Review on different ways to earn more VP here:


VersaPoints are handled in 2 different ways:


> They are cumulative and monthly Versa Points.

> Monthly VersaPoints are used for EA and Team Leader rank.

> You cannot save your VP and have it counted the following month.

> The cumulative are your monthly VP stored and used to determine your Power rank.

View power rank here:




1) The free VersaPoints earned when you do the simple actions in the To-Do List is called Action VP.

2) When you purchase items from your TripleClicks store the VP you earned is called Purchase VP.

3) When your personally referred TripleClicks members purchase items from TripleClicks store the VP you earned is called Sales VP.


Login DAILY to your SFI homepage here:….click on all the red tab, view the information and at the bottom of the page click on “I have viewed information” button and you will earn 1 free VP. SFI award 1 VP for each of the red tab you click and view the information there.

Keep doing the remaining actions(those can be done but not yet do) in your “To-Do List” and earn free VP that SFI award to each completed action and accumulate enough VP to achieve EA rank or advance to next rank of BTL(bronze team leader) if you have already achieve EA. For additional guides on “To-Do List”…. refer to my blog here.

To qualify for the next rank of BTL requires accumulated minimum 3000 to 3,999 VP for the month. The minimum 1500/maximum 2000 VP must come from purchase and/or sales to qualify for Team Leader status. This is called Purchase or Sales VP. The rest of the VP comes from doing actions in the To-Do List and is called Action VP. A BTL must also maintain his/her Leadership Page and a minimum 3-star rating from team affiliates.

For reference on BTL, review here:

Also read about the qualification of a TL(Team Leader) here:

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