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Affiliate Marketing 101- what is AM in a nut shell?

Posted on February 19, 2014 at 2:25 PM
 AffiliateMarketing 101 – what is AM in a nut shell?

Affiliate marketing means you take a merchant’s product and promote it through a special link, which is your affiliate link. When you make sales, people buy the product through your affiliate link, you get credit for the sale and earn commission. Commissions can be in various forms, the most common is money, but they can also be discount coupons, the product itself and so on.

Your first aim is to find a good affiliate program. This depends upon how high their commission rates are, what kind of products are they selling (digital, physical or both), how well known is the program and so on. You also need to be careful that the program is not a hoax. Every affiliate program that is for real is FREE to join, if they claim any kind of payment they are scamming you.

After you’ve joined a program your next task is to find products you’ll be promoting. Before you do that consider which type of products you’ll be promoting. Physical products have higher prices and thus far your commissions will be higher, but they are harder to sell. Since you’re just starting it would be best to start with digital products. Yes they have smaller commissions but they sell more easily since they don’t require shipment fees and only take a day or two days to deliver.

You have your products, now it’s time to start promoting them. With each product you get an affiliate link. Those links are long and ugly. I suggest you use to shorten them. This way you will have smaller and prettier links. You’ll also be able to track them and see how many clicks you’ve gotten. is FREE to join and easy to use.

There are numerous sites online where you can promote your affiliate links and they are mostly FREE to use. You can promote on free ad posting sites, use craigslist’s, do email marketing, do article marketing, do video marketing, post on social networks, on You Tube, do blog postings, post on forums,on discussion panels and so on. Most of them will allow you to link your ads or articles to your affiliate links, but there are also some that won’t. You can solve this by starting your own blog or website and you can link your ads and articles there.

Making a blog or a website has never been easier and quicker. Everything is already done for you, you just put in your content and your affiliate links, and then simply pres publish. You can create your blog or website for free at blogger, blog, webs, weebly, and wix and so on. They offer great support and their designer editors are user friendly.

At the end you need to set your mind frame. Once you’ve started with affiliate marketing you need to know it’s not going to show results quick and the paychecks won’t be big at the beginning. At the beginning your public doesn’t know who you are and thus far won’t trust you. You need to build your public and their confidence first and then expand on other products and markets.

Most newbies fail after their first 6 months of business because they don’t approach this as a business, but as a quick way of getting money. Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick thing,it is a business. Yes you don’t get a contract when you join, you don’t have working hours, you don’t have to drive to an office, but still this is a business in which YOU are the boss. To be successful you need to have a marketing plan (a to do list for each day), budget program (set how much you can and can not spend – NEVER spend money you can not afford) and a very strong will focused on a goal.

This is all what a person need’s when he or she is considering working online from home. If you’re considering this kind of work, make sure your mind set is correct about what affiliate marketing is and then just jump in. Never give up and never surrender.

Two quotes that I love the most:

‘’ Anything worth having is worth workingfor.’’

‘’ Winners never quit and quitters neverwin.’’


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