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10 Tips on how to protect yourself from being hacked

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 10 Tips on how to protect yourself from being hacked

This modern day question has crossed almost everybody who’s dealing with Internet in a daily basis. It has become a habit that nearly every 3rd person, who has an email account or other kind of account online has been hacked at some point in their life. The question is how do you know that you’ve been hacked?

Well I found out when one of my emails was hacked. The hacker used my email account and opened a donations account asking people for money impersonating me, using my pictures from my FB account. I found out about it when one of my family members asked me if I was asking for money online. You could imagine my shock in discovering I was hacked in my email and FB account. The thing was I downloaded a free eBook report about how to make money online and when I entered my email and name the hacker guessed my password (my birth day). He then went to FB and since my pictures were available for public he simply copied the picture of me and my kid on to his computer and then uploaded it to the other account.

When you look at it it’s quite simple and easy to do. But when I found out about it I immediately canceled and reported my email to Google that it was hacked, I notified the website where the hacker opened the account about what happened and that I did not open an account with them, and at the end I changed all my privacy at FB to extremely private. Only my best friends can see what I post. If you search on FB for me you can’t find me, unless I give you my link personally.

When I heard that SFI has been under attack by hackers, I got goose bumps over my spine and I understood why the precautions, but that are just their precautions what about yours? There is so much you can do to protect your self, and I’m going to share 10 tips on how to protect your self from being hacked.

1. Never give out your IP address. Your IP address is linked directly to your personal information, such as name, address,and phone and if someone is asking for your IP address you need to think 3 times before you decide to give that information to anyone. Some quick fix viral software programs that offer one time free clean up will just do that ask for your IP address but beware they are hackers trying to get your personal information and abuse it.

2. Don’t download files from unknown sources. Even if the file is located at a thrust worthy site it doesn’t mean that the person, who uploaded it, is as well thrust worthy. Sometimes hackers hide Trojan horses inside those files and your anti virus software can’t detect it. Once they’re in they can do anything.

3. Secure your Wi-Fi network if you have it. If you have the front door open, you’re making it very easy for robbers to enter. You’re basically saying ‘’Come right in!’’ The same is with hackers. Don’t leave your Wi-Fi unprotected, use a password. A mixture of letters (uppercases and lowercases), numbers and signs, also change your password frequently. Don’t use names you know or can be associated with nor dates, learn from my mistake for using my own birth date as a password.

4. Before you close your web browser or switch from one website to another always log off first. You think that by closing the browser you’re automatically logged off, you’re wrong. So protect yourself from being hacked, always log off before you leave the site you’re watching.

5. Every password you create should be a mixture of letters, signs and numbers to prevent hacking possibilities. Some sites also have a rule your password needs to be at leas 8 characters long, I say 9 to 10 is better. Also mix uppercase and lowercase letters and add signs like # ! % $ € , _ etc. I know remembering all of those passwords would be null, so make a list and keep them in a place only you know and see, never leave it on a computer. When you’re writing that list code it, so only you’ll be able to read it.

6. Never use the same passwords or ID’s for more than one website and also never use the same security question. Every account needs to have a separate logging detail to prevent hacking.

7. Clear all your history after browsing. When you’ve done with surfing the net hit the ‘’clear history’’ button because while you surf cookies are being stored onto your computer and hacker often implant them to gather information (usually your surfing habits). If you delete your browsing history or don’t allow cookies when a site asks you about it you protect your self from being hacked.

8. Never click on a link or open an attachment if you don’t know the sender. This applies mostly to emails. Google and other email providers have a feature that sends unwanted email to spam folder, these are mostly mails from people who are not in your address book or that have more than two URL’s attached to it. But there are also some emails that will end up in your received folder and this is why you need to check who the sender is before you open that email. You can get a virus to your computer only by opening the email. Be careful with your mail.

9. When signing in to a program or group always read the fine print (privacy policy). Read how they are going to store and use your data and if you don’t agree with their terms don’t sign in.

10. When you’re signing into a program always use a separate email account, never list your personal email. This is because you’ll get lots of emails from their advertising campaigns and hackers love to hide between the floods of emails they sent you. They access to your mailing list and this way you protect yourself and your family and friends.

For conclusion I’m simply going to state that you can learn how to hack into someone’s account just by watching films about hacking. You see, producers use real hackers to teach the writers how it’s done in real life and they use it on screen. Even a complete dummy can become a good hacker. So be careful and use the tips listed above and you’ll be better protected while working online.


Newsletter - February 26

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TrafficExchange & how to benefit from them?


You'veprobably heard of them in one point of your online business voyage. Most individuals don't like TE sites because they take up too much of their time and they never see results. To be successful you need to generate enough high valuable traffic to your links or website and TE sites can help you with this. Before you start to deal with TE sites you need to understand what they are and how they operate.

Traffic Exchange is a service you join for free to generate traffic to your website.You view other member websites in exchange for having your own viewed. Every time you view a page for a certain period of time (from 10 to 30 seconds) you get credited. When you gather enough credits you can assign them to your links, so people can start viewing your sites.

There are two types of TEs – manual exchanges and auto exchanges. In manual exchanges you are required to view the pages and click on a link to proceed to the next webpage. An auto exchange can be left running in you web browser. I suggest that you choose a manual exchange sites because this way you can be certain people are actually looking at your sites and not just gathering credits for themselves.


Online marketers often overlook the benefits of TE sites, which are:

  1. Theyare free to use
  2. Instant increase in traffic
  3. A great way to test your new ads or banners
  4. You can easily build a downline by referring others – earn extra credits
  5. It’s great for lead building


What you need to consider before you choose a TE site:

  • Credit ratio; look for those TEs that provide a good return on the number of credits you receive for each page you view (1:1 is best, also 2:1)
  • Time limits: most exchanges make you look at the site for a certain period of time before you can click on the link to get to another page; the amount is between 10 and 30 seconds.
  • Anti cheat mechanisms: most of TE sites use this mechanism, it means that a real person is viewing your page. In order to get credited when the time runs out,you need to click on a specific graphic such as number, image, letter and so on. If your click isn’t correct your account can get suspended or terminated.
  • Referrals: look for TE sites that have a referral program, where you can build your team and also earn credits.
  • Bonuses: many traffic exchanges will offer you bonus credits for surfing a certain number of sites per day (like easy hits 4 u).


In order to benefit from TE sites here are some tips for you:

1.  Track your work: everything you do online needs to be monitored as well as your work at TE sites. At SFI we have a great tracking program which you can use. Your SFI links can be monitored as well, simply add a specific code at the end of your SFI ID. You can read more about key code tracking at" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> You can also use for tracking your links and shorten them at the same time, since they run a tracking history you can see how many clicks you got and from where. This way you’ll know which ads are giving you results and which not.

2. YourPublic: you need to remember that TE site users are mostly people like you, trying to promote their programs and products and most of them don’t even look at the sites but just click to get credits. But there are some who will watch your site and even sign in or buy your product. You need to develop creative, eye-catching pages to intrigue the viewers and take action.

3. Quick Loading pages: you have a short time to get your viewers attention, this means you need your pages to load quickly.

4. Use splash pages: rather than linking your affiliate links directly, it’s best to use small and simple splash pages where you gather viewers. A splash page doesn’t require any scrolling; all your information is on one page window sized. The splash pages need to be short, sweet and to the point. It should consist of a headline, list of benefits and a definite call to action.

5. Great call to action: before you post your splash pages make sure your call to action is clear. It needs to state what the viewer needs to do next. Your call to action also needs to be obvious and visible.

6. Get their email: viewers on TE sites almost never sign in to an affiliate program on the first ball. This is why you should try to get their email through your splash page and then through various emails send them your offer. If you want to capture their email you need to offer a good insensitive, such as eCourses, special reports, video tutorials, eBook series…

7. Observe: while you surf observe the pages that catch your attention. Take notes of what they consist of, what was the action that caught your eye. If they are getting your attention, they are getting also attention from others and this is what you’re aiming for. To be noticed. You need to design your splash pages similarly.

8. Test your pages: if you have a good tracking system you’ll be able to run tests to find which splash pages are generating sign ups. Play with different headlines,graphics and offers to see which ones get the best response.

To conclude you can drive quality traffic from TE sites if you know what to do and what not to do. TE sites are great places to test your ads, banners, splash pages if you’re designing them yourself and this way get better in designing your marketing aids. Online marketing is hard as it is, but if you have the tips and tricks to go around it, it can become fun and easy.


Affiliate Marketing 101- what is AM in a nut shell?

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 AffiliateMarketing 101 – what is AM in a nut shell?

Affiliate marketing means you take a merchant’s product and promote it through a special link, which is your affiliate link. When you make sales, people buy the product through your affiliate link, you get credit for the sale and earn commission. Commissions can be in various forms, the most common is money, but they can also be discount coupons, the product itself and so on.

Your first aim is to find a good affiliate program. This depends upon how high their commission rates are, what kind of products are they selling (digital, physical or both), how well known is the program and so on. You also need to be careful that the program is not a hoax. Every affiliate program that is for real is FREE to join, if they claim any kind of payment they are scamming you.

After you’ve joined a program your next task is to find products you’ll be promoting. Before you do that consider which type of products you’ll be promoting. Physical products have higher prices and thus far your commissions will be higher, but they are harder to sell. Since you’re just starting it would be best to start with digital products. Yes they have smaller commissions but they sell more easily since they don’t require shipment fees and only take a day or two days to deliver.

You have your products, now it’s time to start promoting them. With each product you get an affiliate link. Those links are long and ugly. I suggest you use to shorten them. This way you will have smaller and prettier links. You’ll also be able to track them and see how many clicks you’ve gotten. is FREE to join and easy to use.

There are numerous sites online where you can promote your affiliate links and they are mostly FREE to use. You can promote on free ad posting sites, use craigslist’s, do email marketing, do article marketing, do video marketing, post on social networks, on You Tube, do blog postings, post on forums,on discussion panels and so on. Most of them will allow you to link your ads or articles to your affiliate links, but there are also some that won’t. You can solve this by starting your own blog or website and you can link your ads and articles there.

Making a blog or a website has never been easier and quicker. Everything is already done for you, you just put in your content and your affiliate links, and then simply pres publish. You can create your blog or website for free at blogger, blog, webs, weebly, and wix and so on. They offer great support and their designer editors are user friendly.

At the end you need to set your mind frame. Once you’ve started with affiliate marketing you need to know it’s not going to show results quick and the paychecks won’t be big at the beginning. At the beginning your public doesn’t know who you are and thus far won’t trust you. You need to build your public and their confidence first and then expand on other products and markets.

Most newbies fail after their first 6 months of business because they don’t approach this as a business, but as a quick way of getting money. Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick thing,it is a business. Yes you don’t get a contract when you join, you don’t have working hours, you don’t have to drive to an office, but still this is a business in which YOU are the boss. To be successful you need to have a marketing plan (a to do list for each day), budget program (set how much you can and can not spend – NEVER spend money you can not afford) and a very strong will focused on a goal.

This is all what a person need’s when he or she is considering working online from home. If you’re considering this kind of work, make sure your mind set is correct about what affiliate marketing is and then just jump in. Never give up and never surrender.

Two quotes that I love the most:

‘’ Anything worth having is worth workingfor.’’

‘’ Winners never quit and quitters neverwin.’’


Newsletter - February 14

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Howto qualify as a Team Leader EACH month?


Asan affiliate at SFI you need to maintain your ranks. SFI has two differenttypes of ranks. The first types are the labels AFF and EA, which are simpleranks with little benefits. The second types are TEAM LEADERS, they are BTL orhigher and they offer grater benefits and higher incomes.



A title awarded to an affiliate who has accumulated at least 3,000 Versa Points for the month (1,500 minimum/2,000 maximum Versa Points must come from sales and/or purchases to qualify for Team Leader status). A Team Leader must also maintain his/her Leadership Page and a minimum 3-star sponsor rating (not applicable if  TLs have less than 5 ratings) from PSAs. Meeting the qualifications means you'll hold the title for the month you qualify, as well as the month following it (you'll need to requalify by end of the current month to retain the title).

There are four VIP Team Leader titles: Bronze Team Leader, Silver Team Leader, Gold Team Leader, and Platinum Team Leader.


The benefits are:

            As a BTL

  • Everything that applies for EA's
  • Versa points matching up to 6 level's + CSA's
  • Get 12 TCredits
  • 1share of Monthly allotment of Second Home CSAs
  • Express Affiliate Support (expediated support/response)
  • Can create your own SFI-approved ads and promotions (STLs and above only)


            As a STL

  • Everything that applies for BTL's
  • Versa points matching up to 8 level's + CSA's
  • Get 14 TCredits
  • 2 shares of Monthly allotment of Second Home CSAs


            As a GTL

  • Everything that applies for STL's
  • Versa points matching up to 10 level's + CSA's
  • Get 16 TCredits
  • 3 shares of Monthly allotment of Second Home CSA's


            As a PTL

  • Everything that applies for GTL's
  • Versa points matching up to 12 level's + CSA's
  • Get 20 TCredits
  • 4 shares of Monthly allotment of Second Home CSA's

So how can you maintain your Team Leader qualification, if you have a thight budget?

In order to achieve TL you need to be at least BTL, this means you need to accumulate at least 3000 VP's. You need to get at least 2000 VP's from sales or purchases at Triple Clicks and another 1000 VP's from actions.

You can start by setting up an SO (standing order) you can choose from several products, which you'll be needing each month, such as 125 TCredits (you get 1500 VP's, the price is $36,25 + 125 more VP's when you bid in Auctions), 1 TCredit x 5 (you get 510 VP's, buy them with 630 MRP's – in order to get 630MRP's you'll need to bid at Pricebenders auctions and only on the ones that offer Duble MRP Points 63 times, you'll also earn 63 action VP's).

All the money spent was $36,25.

This way you have 2110 sales VP's all you need is 937 action VP's, because you got 63 VP's already from bidding.

  • For a month with 28 days, this will total 475 VP.
  • For a month with 29 days, this will total 486 VP.
  • For a month with 30 days, this will total 497 VP.
  • For a month with 31 days, this will total 508 VP.

*These actions don't include 100VP's you get from setting up a Standing Order.

For the month with 28 days, you need an additional 462 VP’s, which you can get from setting up an SO (100 VP’s), your active EA’s (at least 3 – 300 VP’s), and biding in Pricebenders (62 times – on double MRP points – get 620 MRP’s and 62 VP’s).

At the end you have 3000 VP’s. You achieved your goal and spend only $36,25.

For a month with 29 days you’ll need to bid at Pricebenders 63 times, for a month with 30 days 64 times, for a month with 31 days 65 times.

Set your VP limit at the beginning of the month and calculate how many VP's you'll gather through sales or purchases, and how many VP's you'll be gathering on actions (not including the VP's you get for sponsoring affiliates).

Stay on track and you'll be a Team Leader each month easily.


Newsletter - February 6

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Do FREEBIES help build your business?

Anybody who entered into the business worldhas thought of promoting their business through freebies. Marketing can be hardfor some individuals and posting ads can get boring and tiring. This is whymarketers come up with new ways to attract people to their websites or productsthey’re promoting.

A freebie is a product offered for free inmost cases in exchange of the prospects email address. There are lot’s offreebies offered online just to capture attention of the buyer, it’s also usedoffline in a form of free samples we get at grocery stores.

Before we decide to use freebies as apromotion we need to decide what the goal of the freebie is going to be:

-     Toboost your web traffic

-     Togenerate quality leads

-     Tosign up more newsletter subscribers

-     Toincrease your facebook followers

-     Tobuild trust and interest in your business

When you’ve decided the goal you need tochoose what kind of freebies you’ll be offering. This decision needs to bebased on the type of business you’re doing. Some examples of freebies:

-     Downloadablegoods (eBooks, special reports, press releases, audio, software, mobile apps,…)

-     Brandedproducts ( pens, keychain fobs, coupons,…)

-     Samples(food, beverages, …)

You can offer basically anything as afreebie but you need to be careful it won’t harm your business. If you’reselling downloadable goods like graphic designs (banners, flyers, pictures,websites,…) your freebie should be about them. You can decide to offercustomers a package of banners so they can see the quality of your work.

When you know what your freebie is going tobe test run it for a while, to see what the results will show. If it’s notshowing the results you wanted change the freebie or just add another piece toit.

At the end it’s up to you, in some casesfreebies have made a difference for some businesses but in some they’ve been acomplete waste of time.

Newsletter - Januar 29

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Should I buy SFI or get sign ups on my own?

The first month at SFI is all about learning how the program works.Going through the basics and the Launch Pad can be very time consuming and youdon’t have much time left for promoting your affiliate gateways.

The second month should be about promotion and advertising. Theproblem now occurs how are you going to get sign ups and which way is best. Ihave to say I don’t have the perfect answer just how I feel about the subject.

At Triple Clicks you can find several sellers that offer to sell PSA’s to you. You can get from 15 up to 200 PSA’s for a suitable price ofcourse. You can also use the S-builder co-op that SFI offers. This way you’llbe getting lots of PSA’s in a very short time, but the problem which follows is‘’are they active?’’. I have to say 90% of all PSA’s I’ve bought never did a thing;another 5% were active only for two months and then opted out. You might getsome active PSA’s by buying them though, like one or two on 25 sign ups.

When you decide to do it your self you learn the advertisingprocess. Learn the techniques and tricks involved in advertising that youdidn’t know before. Yes it takes longer but the sign ups that come from thiskind of advertising are in my experience more active and last longer.  This is why I always say it’s better if youhave your own website or blog from where you can promote SFI and Triple Clicks.At your blog you can easier explain to your prospects how SFI works and whenthey sign under you they are already serious and start to work immediately.

Choosing between them I have to say that on the long run it’s betterto do it your self. You learn and earn at the same time. While if you buy themyou see results after the second month of who is going to work and who not. Theproblem with bought PSA’s you don’t really know where they came from, I haveonce gotten people which were fake sign ups. Lists of people and fake emails,thus I was basically robbed.


Newsletter - Januar 22

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What have you DONE?


Being in business as an online marketer for over 5 years and 2 yearswith SFI I often get the question ‘’How come you’re so successful and I’m not?’’and I ask back ‘’What have you DONE to get successful?’’ The answers I get aremostly excuses and not strong arguments.

Affiliates often complain about their income, or because there isnone or if it is it’s too low. Their actions are mainly posting a few ads inthe beginning of the month and then they wait for results. This kind of work isNOT work at all.

To succeed with SFI you need to look at it as a real business, whichit is. Like with any other business you need to have a marketing plan andconstantly improving it. Use one technique for a month and actually use it notjust say you’re using it and if you’re not seeing results change strategy.

Treat each day as a working day. Just because you’re working fromhome that doesn’t mean you can play hooky. It’s essential that when you’re yourown boss you keep your head in the game and stay focused on the BIG picture.

Gold mining requires digging. If you want to find gold you’ll needto dig a lot before you’ll find any signs of gold. Affiliate marketing is thesame. You need to work hard by posting ads, writing articles, and advertising,and so on to see results. The results will come but it’s going to take time ifyou’re using free advertising but if you do it right you’ll be as successful asif you were using paid advertising or even better, because you’ll be teachingyour affiliates how they can promote successfully without paying a dime.


Newsletter - Januar 16

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Increase your income throughDUPLICATION


Our income at SFI is gatheredthrough three channels. From our own Versa Points, from Triple Clicks sales andfrom sponsorship. While gathering Versa Points and selling products at TripleClicks are two excellent ways to earn your income and if you’re OK with anaverage income you can go down these two rode’s. But for some of us that wantto grow our pay check  each month theyare simply not enough. The third option comes at hand, which is sponsorship inother words DUPLICATION.

Through your team you will earn morethanks to the Versa Points Matching program. Which means that every month youcan get matching shares of the Triple Clicks Executive Pool on every affiliatein your team within the 12 generations and also all your Co-Sponsor Affiliates.

For every Versa Point they earn youearn a matching Versa Point as well. Therefore being a great sponsor goes handin hand with high income. It’s not so important the size of your team as it isthe quality of the work they do.

It works like this:


For each VersaPoint accumulated during the month, all SFI Affiliates receiveone share of the month's TripleClicks Executive Pool. The more VPs earned, themore affiliates earn from from the pool. But Team Leaders can earn even moreshares via Matching VP:

BTLs  receive matching VP on all EA2s intheir downline within 6 levels (including their CSAs).

STLs  receive matching VP on all EA2s intheir downline within 8 levels (including their CSAs).

GTLs  receive matching VP on all EA2s intheir downline within 10 levels (including their CSAs).

PTLs  receive matching VP on all EA2s intheir downline within 12 levels (including their CSAs).

Matching VP Example: You are an STL. The EA2s inyour first 8 levels account for a total of 57,500 VP this month, so YOU earn amatching 57,500 shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

Important! To earn matching VP, you must hold the rank of Team Leader, maintain yourSFI Leadership Page, and also maintain a minimum 3-star Sponsor Rating (not applicable w/less than 5 ratings).

At the end how big your income isdepends entirely to you and your work.


Newsletter - Januar 9

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How to besuccessful on a very tight budget?

Working from homeis a very lucrative business and also a very tricky one. Since we are dealingwith the World Wide Web there are lots of scammers praying on a gullible pray.Before we decide to go this way we need to be prepared mentally and physically.

Mentally because ittakes a lot of planning and preparation end execution of you plans. You need tobe determined and persistent to achieve your goals. We also need to develop aneye for scammers and get to a program that will help achieve our goals.

Physically becausethis line of work is based behind the computer, so we’ll be sitting most of thetime. Our fingers, wrists, arms and necks need to be exercised properly beforewe sit down behind the computer.

It’s not great whenyou’re writing an article and all of a sudden you get a cramp. Than you have toget away from the computer and walk a bit, but when you came back to your work.You have no idea what you’re working on. You’ve lost your string. This are justthe mental and physical preparations you need to do before you start with anonline business.

You also need to dofinancial preparations. How much are you willing to invest in your business? Toparaphrase the question, how much can you afford to invest to stay up float? Itall depends on your incomes and outcomes. Before you start with any kind of businessyou should always make a financial plan. How much can you spent on a monthlybasis for advertising or simply to maintain your status? You don’t have tospend all your “crazy money” on your SFI business. Only $20 per month takes formaintaining EA rank and keeping your benefits.

Once you’vecalculated how much money can you use for SFI your next step will becalculating how many Versa Points you need to gather and how you’re going to dothat. For keeping your EA(2) rank you only need $20 per month, that meansbuying 10 units of 1 TCredit. Through them you’ll get 1020 Versa Points. Thanyou need at least 500 more Versa Points, which you’ll get through yourTO-DO-LIST. But only if you do the list EVERY DAY. I’m not joking, if you areserious you need to log in daily and do the tasks. From the TO-DO-LIST you’llget cca. 475 Versa Points.  You are still10 Versa Points short, so use the 10 TCredits to bid in auctions. You get oneVersa Point for one bid. The final result is you’re an EA. You also get additionalVersa Points if your affiliates are doing the same and maintaining theirstatuses. This way you’ll get the additional Versa Points for the ExecutivePool.

The last thing youalso need to do is a marketing plan. This is somewhat a list of actions to doeach day, but the actions are not necessarily connected to the SFI, notdirectly. The key to success is in advertising and building your downline,selling products at Triple Clicks and getting ECA’s to sign up. You’ll only getthem through advertising, but let’s face it paid advertising is way tooexpensive and not always effective. On the other side free advertising takestoo long, well it only takes too long if you don’t have a system to work from.



Through the abovesystem every day of the week is covered and the goals are set, now you need toactually DO them. This is where it gets tricky – you need to be persistent andcommitted to succeed. When you set a system, work on it for at least a month andif you don’t see results change it a bit and do all of it again. 

You can succeedwith SFI on a tight budget or for that matter any other program online oroffline. You need to set your mindset to realize SFI is a real business andit’s time you start treating it as such. 90% of affiliates fail because theydon’t have the drive to finish what they’ve started or they don’t believe thisis a real business. Those people will NEVER be successful at any kind ofbusiness.